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Academic News: March 2017


Oak Creek Ranch School has recently joined social media’s ‘Instagram,’ sharing daily photos of life on the Arizonan high desert campus. Find us at @oakcreekranchschool … the official site!

Since the first day, the account has attracted students and families, past and present, hoping to take a glimpse in any one of numerous classrooms or activities throughout the day. Though each photo is captioned, and typically hashtagged with #boardingschool #education #class #students #highschool, in addition to the activity, each photo is truly worth a thousand words. And to make the process more collaborative, faculty administering the application have asked for input on this creative process. In turn, students Sophie, Madison, and Avery are all stepping forward! Sophie and Madison are amazing photographers, and Avery a natural filmmaker, all with a magnificent eye to capture photos and videos that present a student’s perspective of life on the 17-acre international boarding school campus.

Again, find OCRS on Instagram … @oakcreekranchschool … the official site!

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