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Residential News: October 2016


Assistant Principal Kyle Lathon led a college campus tour last week to Arizona State University in Tempe. Eleven students attended the visit, hoping to gauge whether ASU, or any school of that size, would be a likely fit for their post-high school education.
Though ASU’s population exceeds 90,000 students, it promises a student:faculty ratio of 25:1. It promotes a small class feel, despite having a square mile Tempe campus and several branch campuses throughout the Phoenix area and Lake Havasu, and the support it promises is unmatched. Considering ASU is ranked #1 in innovation ahead of Stanford and MIT, in addition to having a considerable number of Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winners, it is a special occasion to have the opportunity to investigate a school of this magnitude as an option. And regardless of the student’s decision – yes, this is the type of school I hope to attend, or, no, I don’t see myself attending here – the trip is priceless, offering a chance to see up close and personal what a day feels like somewhere other than Oak Creek Ranch School. It is a chance to see into their future and make a rational choice.
There were some who will keep ASU in mind. There are others who have already made the decision to look elsewhere, even if it means attending a community college or a GAP Year. Regardless, there was experience to be gained, and perceptions to help point in the right direction.

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