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Athletic News: October 2016


Though the Parents Weekend is originally intended to be that small respite for students to catch up with family in what might be typically called a Fall Break, Oak Creek Ranch School’s intention is two-fold; entertainment and informational. For two days, faculty, staff and administration hold events and activities intended to create a sense of closeness academically, residentially, and within the construct of family.
Thursday mid-morning, parents arrive to see students after a long six week absence. The reunion begins at lunch and carries until competition sees parent and child on opposite sides of a softball diamond vying for victory. This year, unlike any other saw a tie, 14-14 students versus parents and staff. The battle raged on for an hour and a half, but in the end, we shook hands nobody victorious and both parties all the better.
After softball, students and their families descended onto lower campus to watch equestrian activities within the OCRS Corral led by Candace. Strides and sets, jaunts and jumps highlighted a lot of skills the students have learned since the beginning of the semester. Horsemanship equates to work ethic, and in many cases a therapy many academic environments are unable to offer. It’s an essential part of campus life here.
Of course, while some parents huddled over children they hadn’t seen in such a long time, others had to run – literally. At 4:30 p.m., the OCRS Wildcat Cross Country Team hosted their fifth annual meet, offering competition to four other teams. And within seventeen minutes of the starting gun, it was OCRS student, Liam, who glided across the finish line in first place followed shortly behind by senior Tim.
Friday morning, the ritual of round robin classes continued, allowing parents to accompany their children to classes. Though the classes were shortened by half the time, it was up to teachers to inform and update, if not teach a mini class to provide a unique experience. Once the classes ended, the entire campus convened on lower campus to partake in the annual Octoberfest Celebration cooked by Chef Gerda and her staff. Though the toasting might have been absent, weiner schnitzel, sauerkraut, and the works were not – a true German celebration. And once the dessert was served, it wasn’t long before families gathered once more for yet another round robin that informed parents of academic and residential life, college counseling, as well as assessments.
Come Monday, parents had gone and students returned refreshed. An informational and fun Fall Break!

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