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Helping Teens Succeed for over 45 Years

We have been helping teens reach their full potential since 1972. David Wick, Sr., founded the school to give struggling teens a supportive environment to achieve success. We have been privileged to be a part of countless success stories of teens attending our school over the years. Here are some recent testimonials we are honored to share with you on our web site.

Parent Testimonials, Oak Creek Ranch School

"Dear Nadine, OCRS Teachers and Staff,
We just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated what you have done for our son. He is interested in doing well in school. Now he knows he can learn. He has some idea of the man he wants to be. The last two and a half years have turned his life around. All of the teachers and staff at Oak Creek Ranch School were interested in him and cared what happened to him. We feel he now has the tools necessary to be successful. Thank you staff of OCRS."
Parent of OCRS Student, 2012

“I just wanted to tell you how appreciative we all are for your perseverance with our son. He sure did a good job at graduation! That was a first class ceremony from start to finish. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without OCRS and you to help him get over this seemingly insurmountable hurdle of earning a high school diploma. THANKS!” - OCRS Parent of 2010 Graduate

“Thank you so much for everything. You have been such an inspiration to our son. After meeting you, I would love you to be my Principal, too. It was such a pleasure meeting you at last. You are a very memorable person. By the way, you did a great job with their graduation. It is so personable...very sweet and short, yet we got to know all the students. I wish all of them the best of luck....I just hope and pray they will succeed in life...” - OCRS Parent of 2010 Graduate

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“Thank you again for all the work that you and your staff have done to provide a place for teens to find themselves, discover their greater potential and get back on the right track. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years with our son, and his doctors and teachers, as both his grades and spirit seemed to slip away, trying to figure out how to better reach him. It’s only been a few days since he’s been back, but it seems the month at OCRS has made more of a difference to his spirit and self-esteem than many of the things we’ve tried in the past. For that I am very grateful. Thank you for choosing to do the work that you do, and creating such a special and needed place as OCRS.” - OCRS Summer School Parent 2010

“We are writing to you to let you know how pleased we are with OCRS and the impact the school has had thus far on our daughter Samantha. It is the first time in her High School life that she is exceeding and obtaining great grades in all her subjects. The structure of campus life and the support of her teachers and administrators there seems to be just what she's needed to achieve these milestones. We sincerely feel that without OCRS, our daughter would have continued to make poor choices, dropped out of school and furthermore decreased her chances of having a successful life or life at all due to the wrong decisions she probably would have made. We feel that having Samantha there has saved her life and for that, we are eternally grateful!” - OCRS Parent

“I wanted to share with all of you how pleased we are to hear pride in Tom's voice. Years of failure had damaged his self esteem so badly, that he stopped trying. It was easier for him to quit than fail. It is nice to hear him boast now. We are just so happy to see that he is trying again. He is less angry and more expressive. Thank you for helping Tom gain confidence in himself.” - Lee Ann, Parent

“Thank you for all you have done for Alek. He has really blossomed into a fine young man. I feel your school and the teachers have really helped him grow. All the best regards,” - Kenneth, Parent

“I want to take this time to thank you for helping us make one of the best decisions of our lives. Travis sounds so very happy and motivated.” - Teir, Parent

“We picked up our son up at Oak Creek Ranch School last week. He was hanging out in the lower field keeping an eye out for us. He was happy, told us he had had a great experience at OCRS and made a lot of new friends.   Many of them saw him off with warm hugs and handshakes, which was nice to see. Overall, we’re pleased with all that he has told us about his experience this summer at OCRS.  It’s very apparent the experience changed him in many positive ways – from the students and staff he met, making new friends, new life experiences there and being held responsible in new ways.   I think most noticeably to us, there seems to be a brighter spark and confidence in him to experience life a little more fully, and openness to get to know people and let them get to know him. I’m excited to see what changes stay with him in the months to follow.  It’s great seeing him with a happier spirit.” -  2010 Summer School Parent           Back to top

Student Testimonals, Oak Creek Ranch School

“OCRS has meant a new chance at life for me. A little more than a year ago I dropped out of school and was doing nothing with my life. Now I am about to graduate high school and am hoping to play intercollegiate sports. Not very long ago, that wasn’t even a thought in my mind. Since I have come here, I have the chance to dream what I have always wanted to dream about, and that is playing sports beyond high school. Just to get the chance to do that again feels good. That is what OCRS has meant to me; it is a second chance at my life." - Matt, Grade 12, Knoxville, TN
“When I first came to OCRS I thought I was going to hate it. After a while I grew to love it. I feel like I have a second family. My grades improved and so did my attitude. My parents couldn't be more thrilled. Everyone here is very supportive of the kids here. Now I think one of the hardest things for me will be leaving OCRS, my second home.” - Danielle, Grade 11, Coconut Creek, Florida

“Oak Creek Ranch School means a better place to learn for me. My grades are definitely better than ones I had at my other school, and also I have met a lot of new and very interesting people. Before I came here I was either failing or not getting very good grades in most of my classes. I was getting in trouble, too. When I came to OCRS, I finally realized that I was going to have to straighten myself out if I was going to get somewhere in life. Now I’m doing a lot better in school and I’m a lot more satisfied with how I’m doing.” - Paul, Grade 10, LaCrosse, WI         Back to top

Feedback on our Athletics & Equestrian Program

“If I had kept my son at his old public high school, he would have never been able to play sports. What a change we see in him since he’s been playing football at OCRS. He has more self confidence and is genuinely excited about competing. We see both enthusiasm and pride about the team’s victories and his own contributions. Please thank your wonderful coaches for their dedication and support.” – OCRS Parent

“Jonathon has enjoyed the school year and looks forward to returning next year. He loved getting involved in the Equestrian program and will be volunteering all summer at a program here in town. Thanks for all you do to make OCRS a great place for our kids.” - Louise, Parent

“It was 6 weeks into my daughter's sophomore year and she was failing all of her classes again. We had a tough decision to make when we found OCRS in Sedona, Arizona. The following week she started school at OCRS. Jessica has ADHD (non-specific) and the smaller class sizes and personal attention was just what she needed. She is now planning on graduating early in January of 2010 and already applied to our local junior college for the Spring of 2010 semester. The Equestrian Program at OCRS has been very beneficial for Jessica and is for all children with ADD or ADHD. The teachers and counselors are very helpful and positive. The grounds are beautiful! The sports and activities keep the kids busy and helps them form a more positive self-esteem. Oak Creek Ranch School was our saving grace when we had no hope at all! - OCRS Parent         Back to top

ADD / ADHD, Undermotivated Teen Success Stories

“My daughter, Helen, had done well in school in her early years. But once she entered high school, she became overwhelmed and just couldn’t keep up with the work. We were doing everything we could, but Helen continued to fall further and further behind. It became apparent to everyone that what we had been doing was just not working. Helen was falling between the cracks in a traditional public education system and was starting to believe she couldn’t learn. She was making more and more bad choices. We had checked into several schools, but kept coming back to Oak Creek Ranch School, with its focus on helping unmotivated, underachieving teens. Finally, we decided on OCRS and what we found there was a team of experienced and motivated individuals who knew exactly what to do to reach a young person like Helen.
Everyone at Oak Creek Ranch School made a difference in Helen’s journey. It wasn’t easy at first, but before long, I began to see the young woman I had lost over the last few years. The team at OCRS worked with Helen to make sure she received what she needed academically, and just as importantly, they helped her understand how to live with ADD successfully.  Oak Creek Ranch School made the difference. They redirected Helen onto a positive path for her future.
Helen is now at home, enrolled in community college. She started community college without taking any remedial classes and was even placed into a higher level of math due to her excellent SAT scores. This was unthinkable prior to her attendance at Oak Creek Ranch School! Helen is making good choices and believes that she is capable of doing whatever she decides to do in life. Thank you Team OCRS!” - OCRS Parent         Back to top

Praise for OCRS Faculty, Staff, and Curriculum

“I am so pleased at how Robert is maturing overall. You have done a fabulous job of helping him make the leap. I deeply appreciate all that you, Mr. Wick and the OCRS staff have done to assist my son in making the move forward. Your faith in him has made a real difference in his life.” - John, Parent

“My hats off to the teacher who taught the “real life math” class at Oak Creek Ranch School. He had an opportunity to share an apartment with his brother and after a month of thinking it over, decided against it. He doesn't spend a dime unless it is well thought out. It's really interesting in watching him mature into a responsible adult. WOW! I can't say enough great things about Oak Creek Ranch School and all of the people who took an interest in Joe. Please let them know he is ON TRACK!”  - Parent of OCRS Graduate         Back to top


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